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We offers robust hardware and software solutions, reduced time and cost to implement, full integration with existing systems, and flexible systems that can grow and adapt as your needs change.




We will Evaluate your real computer upgrade needs .
Operating systems, drivers, video and sound cards, communications, motherboards, memory, input devices, installations, system configurations, network, Internet etc...
To help you get the most out your computer upgrade operations .

Network Consultancy.
There is bandwidth and then there is bandwidth. With our extensive experience in developing.. more..
Desktop and Notebooks. (We are a full computer repair service company)
We will respond quickly and have you back in working order either the same day.. more..
Computer Upgrades.
We will Evaluate your real computer upgrade needs.. more..
Web Design & Hosting Plan Packages.
We're also experts in web hosting, and have provided hosting solutions to lots of people.. more..






The Facts

Our Experience ...

Our hardware is chosen specifically for its reliability and interoperability. JC Software Solutions is a supplier of high quality PC's and computer upgrade peripherals to businesses and home users, and we do repairs, maintenance and upgrades on PCs.

First Year Extended Warranty for new parts...

All of our parts are warranted for one year. Labor is provided free of charge for 90 days. (Does not include drive time where applicable.)

For a superior performance, consider the following hardware upgrades:

Implementation of computer upgrades such as computer system memory (Adding additional memory to your system), upgrade graphic cards and modems, install network interface cards, installing faster CD-ROMs, DVD, DVD-RAMs, DVD-RWs, CD-Rewriter, fixing/replacing corrupt or faulty hard disks with Data Transfer, Setting up and configuring DSL modems, broadband routers and sharing high speed internet access across the Office network or Home Office, Installing and configuring software applications and upgrades, (Fine Tuning),

Instead of replacing your computer every year when it becomes obsolete we can upgrade and optimize your existing computer(s) to today's demanding standards, thus keeping your systems at the cutting edge of technology.

Everyone faces replacement of their outdated equipment just to keep up with today's demanding operating systems. Call us for an evaluation of your system(s) today.


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Over 7 years servicing the Miami area

We have become known for great services in the following areas:

  • Desktops & Notebooks
  • PC Upgrades
  • Networking Solutions
  • Web Developing & Hosting Packages
  • New & Refurbished PC's



It's all about Technical Support and Security. To ensure that you understand your computer.



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